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Yamaha Motorcycles

You are looking at a special generation of Yamaha motorcycles. A breed that stands apart. When the engineers at Yamaha set out to produce a true machine, the easy part was the styling and attention to detail. The engineers at Yamaha were not willing to compromise. The engines offer a balance of accessibility with big-bore power and instant grunt throughout the rev range. The new line of Yamaha motorcycles are a pure expression of performance and quality craftsmanship designed for riders who appreciate an optimum blend of power, weight and size.

Yamaha Scooters

Matched with amazing MPG and a smooth and quiet engine, the Yamaha scooters are the perfect transportation partner. They are ready to go beyond city streets with punchy performance and practical features galore. Enjoy lots of responsive power while you cruise effortlessly in comfort around the city or on the highway. Convenient automatic “gas it and go” transmissions and unparalleled weather protection on some models are features of this line of class-leading scooters.

Yamaha ATVs

You'll find superior engineering standards and materials in the Yamaha ATV’s. Nearly bullet-proof, torquey four-stroke engines, chain drive, maximum durability and go-anywhere terrainability are what they're all about. Thick comfortable seats, adjustable suspension setups, electric starting and reverse options keep things nice and civilized. Amazing performance wrapped in superb comfort, backed by Yamaha reliability. You'd be hard pressed to find higher performance or more fun in such affordable packages.

Yamaha SuperSport

With back-to-back Supersbike Championships, the MotoGP-inspired Yamaha sportbikes are some of the most innovative open-class sportbikes in the world. From racing around the track in no time to conquering the urban maze in real time, the Yamaha supersports turn heads as effortlessly as it does corners. And they do everything to perfection. Light, powerful, and bristling with nearly every cutting-edge innovation, they feature a taut, tunable chassis that lets you maneuver from upright to full lean instantly - and carve tight, perfect lines. If you're searching for the ultimate sportbike, look no further.